In 2013, Rockcliffe introduced the Center for Sustainable Technologies to the Rockcliffe Second Life and OpenSim Campuses. These centers serve two purposes. The first is to engage and encourage a dialogue about issues of conservation, awareness, research, and technologies that have an opportunity to reshape the economic future of society. The second is to provide a play ground to prototype virtual the way in which those technologies can be used to tackle real world situations.

Funding from the sale of VER carbon credits is used to help fund educational and collaborative discussion forums and eventually leading towards full scale proof of concepts where virtual prototyping can establish the benefits of projects to proceed.

Rockcliffe’s research programs are focused in horizontal areas of expertise which compliment traditional research methods and outcomes including:

  1. Knowledge development through collaborative mulit-disciplinary activities including virtual forums, discussions, conferences, and JAD sessions;
  2. Supply chain management to help establish sustainable methods of development and deployment of technologies required for full-scale proof of concepts necessary for the attraction of investment and future economic growth possibilities; and
  3. Waste management to help establish sustainable methods of recycling and reuse and to find new economic opportunities related to by-products of the manufacturing process

Contribution to Rockcliffe R&D efforts are put towards the following five areas of practices

  1. Advanced Materials Management
  2. Aquaculture Conservation
  3. Power Generation
  4. Reforestation
  5. Sustainable Agriculture

The result of this matrixed based approach is the establishment of holistic economic opportunities for researcher and affiliate partners to develop new project concepts – first by rapid virtual prototyping and then later through scaled proof of concepts. The approach creates a crucible for ideas simply not possible by strictly looking at vertical markets and traditional supply channels for prototype development.

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