Rockcliffe University Consortium is a global online non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of science, education, and research in virtual environments through collaborative “work-as-play” initiatives including networking, journals, conferences, forums, and formal academic programs.

Our purpose is to S.E.R.V.E., that is: the promotion of Science, Education, and Research in Virtual Environments.

Science and Education: Rockcliffe supports the advancment of science and education in 3d virtual environments by providing public education to help individuals and organizations overcoming the learning curve associated with virtual collaborative workspaces. Our services include forums, seminars, and educational programs on 3D content development, collaborative workspace effectiveness, and social implications of virtual environments. Specifically our focus is on how virtual environments influence knowledge emergence, knowledge transfer, and their impacts.

Research Outreach: Rockcliffe supports the advancement of research into virtual cognitive sciences and virtual environemnts through public services including our academic research library, peer review journals, and hybrid conferences involving live and virtual interaction.

Accreditation: Rockcliffe is not a formally accredited education institution. Rockcliffe does subscribe to the standards and guidelines of the Distance Education and Training Council and the American Library Association and are working towards eventual accreditation with both of these regulatory bodies at some point in the future.